Around 888,100 Affordable Warmth measures installed under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) by the end of 2018 resulted in £11.3 billion of lifetime bill savings.

That’s according to new statistics released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), which show around 2.5 million energy efficiency measures were installed in around two million properties through ECO or the Green Deal (GD) Framework by the end of 2018.

Of these measures, 2,454,300 were installed under ECO.

During 2018, the ECO scheme saw 212,700 measures installed, a 5% higher rate than the 201,900 installed in 2017 – 7% of all UK homes have now had a measure put into place under the programme.

The data shows the provisional estimated lifetime carbon savings of measures installed by the end of December 2018, under the ECO, Cashback, GD Home Improvement Fund and GD schemes, was the equivalent of up to 37.9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide – savings from the Affordable Warmth Obligation are not included in this figure.

The government suggests together, these initiatives have resulted in provisional estimated lifetime energy savings of up to 150,400GWh, despite the fact that since September 2018, the GD is the only scheme still contributing.