At the start of August I’ll be climbing Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis – all 1,345 metres of it. I’m raising money by going for a long walk to help a little girl called Lyra who can’t – walk, talk or chew.

Lyra is two and a half and was given a working diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy and Global Developmental Delay in the summer of 2016. What this means, in real terms, is that, while she is very determined, she can’t walk, talk or chew. She also suffers from muscle spasms that happen at random. These leave her little body ‘locked up’ and she is unable to move. She has recently had an MRI scan and a series of blood tests and her parents are hopeful that this will help give us some clue about what has caused Lyra’s condition and what her future may hold.

I know Lyra’s Mum and Dad personally, and I know they are working incredibly hard to help their little girl achieve everything that she can.

 Currently, they receive a reasonable service from NHS, but the sad truth is that many of the new treatments for conditions like Lyra’s are not available on the NHS. Equally, there are times when the gaps in the NHS service become obvious.

 To help fill these gaps Lyra’s parents are working with a registered charity called ‘Just4Children’, to fundraise for extra treatments that may help this beautiful little girl live a happy, mobile and fulfilling life and make sure that ‘Lyra Can’.

 Already this year, thanks generous donations, Lyra has been able to travel to Slovakia for state of the art intensive physiotherapy and oxygen therapy which provided really positive results. Her parents are so excited by the treatment that they are planning to fly Lyra out for a second course of treatment in November.

 If you’d like to support me in my long walk for Lyra you can donate via our Just Giving Page, xxxx or if you’d like to make a company donation (and get a charity receipt) you can send a cheque, made payable to ‘Just 4 Children’ to Lyra Can, 129 Greenheath Road, Cannock, Staffs. WS12 4AU.

 I’d be really grateful if you could support me – and Lyra – in this endeavour.